Communion Assistant/Servers


Thank you so much for volunteering at Family of Christ!  We could not be a successful, influential, loving congregation without your commitment and involvement.

As a Communion Assistant you are distributing the Eucharist to the congregation of Family of Christ Lutheran Church.  Please read through the following responsibilities:

Before Worship

  • Please come 15 minutes early to worship and check to see that communion has been set up. If not move the trays, wine chalice, 2 wafer bowls, and extra wafer container (silver) to the altar area
  • Cover the wine chalice and bread with a white cloth

During Worship

  • During the announcements or after passing the peace go to the sacristy (room behind the piano) and wash or disinfect your hands
  • After the pastor invites the people to come forward for communion
    • Move white communion table (with black tablecovering) with empty basket, goldfish crackers, and self-contained communion kits behind the piano to the center aisle in front of the altar
    • Come to the altar area and take a tray of wine
    • Stand on the inside of the pastor or assistant
    • Invite people who are taking communion to take the wine or juice with the words “The blood of Christ, Shed for you.” If you don’t know if they take communion or not simply ask
    • If you run low on wine or juice go to the altar for another tray.
    • When you are finished distributing wine, gather with other assistants in center and give and receive communion to each other
    • Return Trays to altar
    • Move white table back to the side by the piano
  • If giving Bread.
    • If you are needed to distribute the bread please take a bowl with white wafers and gluten free wafers from altar
    • Stand in front of the altar area near one of the side aisles
    • Distribute bread into people’s hands with the words “This is the body of Christ broken for you.” If they ask for gluten free, give them a gluten free wafer.
    • If they have not taken communion yet or come forward for a blessing, say “May the peace of Christ be with you always”, trace a cross on their forehead, and say “Amen”.

After Worship (if there is no Communion Setup person, please help with cleanup)

  • Return all communion items from the altar to the sacristy.
  • Pour the wine and juice from chalice and extra cups in the main sink
  • Return left over wafers to the bags or containers with other wafers
  • Bring basket in from table and throw away used communion cups
  • Rinse chalices and trays so they are ready for the next week.


Thanks for your ministry!

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